Food Intolerance


The FIT Test employs unique, patented methods to detect both IgG antibodies and complement protein C3d. The mechanism behind IgG immune complex-driven inflammation is centred around the activation of C3d so by using these combined markers the FIT Test increases the reliability and efficacy of food sensitivity testing considerably. The test measures 132 foods including dairy, grains, fruits, additives, vegetables, beans, spices, fish, meat, nuts, extracts, poultry, seeds, shellfish and microbes for candida and yeast (bakery and brewery). The test uses dried blood spot analysis and is indicated for a variety of symptoms relating to areas such as skin, digestion, energy, respiration, seasonal allergies, musculoskeletal health and psychological wellbeing.
The FIT test is the most sensitive test on the market because it is the only test that simultaneously measures both IgG (1-4) plus Complement (C3d) bound to immune complexes which results in a test that generates two signals: one signal for the IgG plus one signal for the IC-C3d. Since both signals are measured simultaneously, the net result is twice the signal. By comparison, other tests measure only IgG which results in generating only one signal. It is easy to understand that a test which generates two combined signals is more sensitive than a test that generates only one signal.



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